The local election results have shaken the kaleidoscope of Scottish politics. Meanwhile a new article tries to convert us to the cause of economic self-flagellation.
My memories from the 1st of May 1997 are more vivid than almost any other moment in my life. I even have a clear picture of myself on that day. Floppy…
The local elections are an opportunity to pass judgement on an unaccountable, incompetent and increasingly conservative SNP Government.
The ferries scandal is worse than the usual SNP incompetence.
Leave cold realism to the policy-makers and decision-takers. We have a responsibility to be emotional about what is happening to Ukraine.
The SNP's leaders' failure to take on her more rabid members is a conscious choice.
The strategic blunder by the SNP on pensions teaches us that they aren't as smart as they think they are.
I know, I know, but this really is a big thing.
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